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Heart Beat Team

Michael Boidy



MICHAEL BOIDY is a cinematographer, director & aerial DP with over 20 years of experience.  Michael specializes in aerial cinema and documentary film-making. Michael's filmed for Nat Geo, the BBC, Presidents & Prime-ministers from around the world for a doc series called The Royal Tour, a-list actors, athletes, musicians, DJs and artists. Michael has filmed for TV series such as the Bachelor, the Bachelorette, Hell's Kitchen, Survivor & Alone, Straight up Steve Austin and Stranded with a million dollars. Commercials for Tic Tac, Nike, Instagram, House of Hoops, and many more.

After surviving a near fatal helicopter crash while filming in Guatemala April 2012, he re-learned to walk within 6 months after surgery and physical therapy.

One year and half later, after a very profound experience, Michael discovered the healing benefits of music and sound therapy after he was able to completely alleviate his back pain, stiffness, depression and weight gain, by using music therapy and different sound healing modalities.

Feb 2018, Michael was privileged to speak on the stage for TedX Vail in Colorado where he was able to spread his message to hundreds of people, plus thousands online viewers on the topic - Music is Medicine. Link below


TedX Vail  - Music is Medicine: The science of healing with sound




SERGIO MIRANDA is an editor/producer from Los Angeles California with over a decade of experience. Most recently credits include HBO “McMillions” doc-series and currently working on two Netflix documentaries. Sergio has edited a wide slate of television shows, commercials, original content and music videos for major networks & production companies. Sergio considers himself a creative storyteller with a big passion for content that inspires.

Carol Carimi Acutt


David Werntz



DAVID WERNTZ is a sound designer with over 20 years experience working in post production.  David is known for his creative instincts and a passion for telling stories through sound.  He’s also been recording his own sounds for the last 20 years and has an extensive personal sound effects library.  He won his first Emmy in 2000 for his work on “ER”, and recently won a second for his work on “Stranger Things”.  He’s also won three Golden Reels, with the most recent for his work on “Spider-man: Into the Spiderverse”.  David also produces and DJs House and Techno music in his spare time. 


CAROL CARIMI ACUTT is an Emmy-winning television producer and an award-winning documentary filmmaker.  She enjoys telling complex stories in a concise and entertaining way. Some of her most recent documentary projects tackle complicated topics like The Deported with Rosario Dawson, examining families facing deportation for YouTube Originals (winner Best Humanitarian Documentary Rhode Island Int’l Film Fest).  Grace Anatomy, a docu-comedy with comedian Grace Parra, focuses on the U.S. healthcare system and the Affordable Care Act.  Planet Primetime, a series examining culture through television in 13 countries, was nominated for an Emmy for the Travel Channel.  Eat, Race, Win, for Amazon, a behind-the-scenes documentary series about Tour de France performance & health chef Hannah Grant, received high marks among viewers, the press and was nominated for an Emmy for Best Culinary show and won an Emmy for best single camera editing in 2019.  Her documentary film, Been Down that Muddy Road: The Legend of Joe Barry,  features a rock ’n roll musician from the Louisiana bayou country and won several awards and Best Feature Doc at RIIFF. She has extensive experience in many genres of television and documentary series, from true crime to music to sports to food to politics to reality and has worked on over 50 television shows.

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